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NuiPhao Mining - Typically in sustainable investment
Cập nhật ngày: 30/06/2018 17:17 (GMT +7)

Sustainable business will help enterprises enhance operational efficiency through the leveraging of resources, reduce operating costs, improve the quality of the product. Furthermore, in the context of the market have a myriad of choices about products or services meet the needs of consumers, the enterprise has the positive dynamics for human values, social and environment will get more attention. Limited liability Company Mining Mineral Processing Nui Phao (NuiPhao Mining) is one of the businesses have done that.

Through the years, as well as many businesses, Nuiphao Mining has been experiencing ups and downs due to objective and subjective factors, especially the crisis of the world economy. With determination, perseverance and tremendous effort, NuiPhao Mining has become an internationally influential business. Not only a pure mining enterprise but also an innovative technology manufacturer with a commitment to be a leader in the metal and chemical industries essential to driving innovation and growth of the global industry.

Accordingly, NuiPhao Mining has devoted much attention to the development of human resources, building a team of high quality professionals, with a team of professionals from many countries around the world, contributing to the formation of a generation of Vietnamese mining operators are capable of engaging in any advanced mineral mining and processing technology. Nuiphao Mining has created jobs for about 2,000 workers, of which more than 90% are people in the affected area, in the province, in the country.

NuiPhao Mining invested in modern production lines.

According to expert assessment, Nui Phao mine has achieved three core elements: First, operating on the basis of knowledge, capacity in the country; the favorable business environment evolves by actively working with the local community. Second, access capital and cash flow to acquire and develop value projects, ensuring the realization of long-term and sustainable value for shareholders. Third, develop a risk mitigation mechanism for the project.

Sustainable development requires a close, rational and harmonious combination of economic development with social development, resource protection, environmental preservation. Over the years, the company has continuously invested in production lines with the most advanced technology, strict compliance with the Vietnamese and global standards, minimizing the impact on the living environment. around. Nui Phao Polycarbonate is considered as the world's most complex mine with four product lines on a single ore body. This is a challenge for investors as well as for professionals in the mining industry, which requires substantial investment in technology and finance. With many efforts in applying and improving technology, Nui Phao mine has produced four product lines with high recovery rate in the industry (75%), achieving the highest record of recovery rate in Mineral processing industry in Vietnam and in the world. With a capacity of about 83 million tons, the life cycle is estimated at 20 years, so far, NuiPhao's output has nearly doubled its supply from Russia, reaching a record level of 3.89 million tons. For the first quarter of 2018, net sales increased by 26.4%; EBITDA of the Company increased 24.1% over the same period; NuiPhao Mining - Masan Resources could benefit from this trend to become a major supplier of industrial minerals, including tungsten, fluorite and bismuth. It can lead the change of the world tungsten market sooner than the roadmap.

With the size and resources of the world's largest tungsten mine, NuiPhao Mining has committed and made concrete contributions to the implementation of sustainable development goals, in which the local community is direct beneficiaries and then the regional and national community through a variety of activities such as the construction of resettlement sites that not only meet but exceed standards; develop local supplier networks; Tens of billions of dong have been invested in economic recovery loans (300 households); expanding the scale of tea production in accordance with Vietnamese standards (more than 300 households participating in the model with more than 75ha); Vocational training for hundreds of people affected by the project. Particularly, NuiPhao Mining has supported communes affected by land acquisition such as Hung Son, Ha Thuong, Tan Linh ... building social infrastructure, environmental sanitation and small and medium enterprises. This will help them become the first communes to meet the new rural standard of Dai Tu district. NuiPhao Mining is the first enterprise in the province to set up a loan for economic recovery for landless households. Only 3 years ago, NuiPhao Mining contributed VND 3,200 billion to the provincial budget.

At the forum, the meeting prepared for the provincial investment promotion conference in 2018, Mr. Vu Hong Bac, deputy secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the provincial People's Committee said that: In recent years, Thai Nguyen has had Outstanding achievements in socio-economic development, the rate of economic growth (GDP) is constantly increasing. Contributing to that result is the increasing investment capital in the province, which is mainly from enterprises. With the efforts of the party committees, authorities and the entire people, Thai Nguyen province has gradually become a bright spot for economic development of the country, highlighting the attraction and attractiveness of big investors, financial potential, experience, prestige both at home and abroad. NuiPhao Mining is an example and one of the most effective investments.

Talking with us about the advantages and disadvantages of investing in Thai Nguyen province, Mr. Craig Richard Bradshaw, General Director of Masan Resources said that the company has more than 10 years of operation in the investment environment of Thai Nguyen province. I highly appreciate the efforts of the province in improving the investment environment, creating the most favorable conditions for enterprises to operate production and business. The company has received a lot of support from the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People's Committee and related provincial departments... Several years ago, we launched the project with the vision of "Building Massan Resources to become a home. Leading manufacturers are capable of leading the global tungsten market change". So far, we have proved the true result of our efforts, wisdom and efforts together, including the great support and assistance of the party committees, administrations at various levels, committees, functional branches from province to grassroots.

According to Mr. Vu Hong, Deputy General Director of NuiPhao Mining: I think the investment environment of Thai Nguyen province is favorable, the policies to attract investment open, clear, the situation of security and social order Ensuring the first factor to help investors feel secure investment in the long run. In addition, Thai Nguyen has the third largest educational system in the country with many universities, colleges, secondary schools..., providing hundreds of thousands of graduates with university and college degrees, skilled workers with diversified training disciplines so that investors have more choices of labor. However, in some localities in the province, people's construction, extension of the house, the illegal architecture compensation is still taking place. I am looking forward to Thai Nguyen province have practical solutions to effectively solve this problem.

The results of NuiPhao Mining have shown that the integration of sustainable development goals together with the business development orientation bring greater efficiency in the operation of enterprises, while creating practical values,  for community, society.

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