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Tin tuc tong hop hang ngay, tin trong tinh Thai Nguyen

 Perspective of Thai Nguyen Tower mixed building is 120m high with total investment of 500 billion VND
Perspective of Thai Nguyen Tower mixed building is 120m high with total investment of 500 billion VND

The alliance of investors Joint Stock Company VNF1 Retail Distribution and Joint Stock Company Construction Investment 578 decided to invest more than 500 billion VND to build Thai Nguyen mixed (Thai Nguyen Tower) building over 30 floors with Many functions and advantages in the position No. 1 Nha Trang. This is a building with a total floor area of about 37,000m2 to meet the demand for housing combined commercial services, physical training and sports services, health care services, high quality entertainment will create more emphasis for the face of urban Thai Nguyen…

Enthusiasm, responsibility of the investor and the government.

After the process of research, thorough market evaluation and investment attraction policies of Thai Nguyen province, the alliance of investors decide to invest in the construction of works of high quality in the Thai Nguyen city. Being approved by the competent authorities, the investors have worked closely with the local authorities and concerned functional agencies to carry out the activities in accordance with the investment instruction guidelines, such as approving only architecture-planning, perfect legal conditions of implement the project on schedule. Investors received the cooperation of government People's Committee of Thai Nguyen city, People's Committees of Trung Vuong ward and especially the Center for Land Fund Development of Thai Nguyen city has made great efforts work completed land clearance.

Ideal location...

The traffic around the Thai Nguyen Tower mixed building project is extremely convenient because it is surrounded by 3 main roads including Nha Trang, Ben Tuong and Phung Chi Kien. In the future, when Thai Nguyen city develops to the East, Ben Tuong road will become a new traffic route linking the new administrative center of the province and the existing center. Adjacent to the project is the city's top quality educational institutions, libraries, nursing homes, central markets and spiritual locations.

Thai Nguyen Tower building has a height of 120m, allowing residents and service users to enjoy the panoramic view of the entire Cau Giay River flowing through Thai Nguyen City. Mr. Pham Trung Kien, General Director of Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company 578 said: "Thai Nguyen Tower will be devoted from the idea, design to the stage of construction, operate. Important stages of the project are carried out by the most prestigious units in Vietnam. The building is equipped with facilities that serve the very advanced residents such as high speed elevators for people and means of transport of residents; indoor swimming pool with wide view; semi-auto parking area. Especially, Thai Nguyen Tower has automatic fire protection system with modern equipment. Inside the building there are refuge rooms for residents to avoid any incidents. In addition, the building also has backup generators for power outages... All of these utilities are run by experienced managers operating in the famous real estate projects.

Thai Nguyen mixed building in addition to the main products also include more than 300 apartments (with apartments for small families from 1 to 2 generations) and shop-houses in the podium are commercial service system, sports services, health care services, amusement and recreation services. More specifically, the apartments in Thai Nguyen Tower are designed towards the goal of green architecture, reducing operating costs. The balcony of the apartments is both a place to relax after stressful working hours in the office, as well as an important part of sunshades, reducing the direct radiation of the sun into the apartment. The area of apartments is calculated suitable for young households and young people are entering the stage of business, specialists working long time in the area。

The target of the alliance of investors Joint Stock Company VNF1 Retail Distribution and Joint Stock Company Construction Investment 578 for This Project is made for the people of the Thai Nguyen city and a team of foreign experts residing in the area have the opportunity to choose a comfortable living and quality assurance. "We are very proud and proud that this will be a complex of high quality condominiums built in of Thai Nguyen city. This project is also one of the impressive points in the area”, the general director Pham Trung Kien emphasized.

The initial implementation of the project is Thai Nguyen mixed building is very convenient but to achieve the desired results, put the project into the correct use, partnership of investors want to continue to receive active support from the party committees, authorities at all levels and people around the area.

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